Tomato, Cal Ace VF

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An improved version of Ace that tends to be a bit earlier, has thicker walls, disease resistance and set well in warm weather. The fruits are oblate-shaped, smooth skinned, ripen uniformly and are meaty and sweet.  A good tomato for home garden and fresh market sales.


Nutritional Value:
The red tomato is listed on most nutritional lists as a superfood. It is packed with the antioxidant vitamins A and C, potassium and the B vitamins for heart health, and above all a powerful carotenoid called lycopene. This phytonutrient, which is responsible for the bright red color of tomatoes, has been studied for its role in fighting various cancers, and its ability to lower cholesterol. When tomatoes are cooked, even more lycopene is made available. Lycopene has been shown to be especially effective when eaten with fat-rich foods such as avocado, olive oil, or nuts. There are the ingredients for a powerhouse salad!

Sun:                              Full
Spacing:                      24″ – 36″
Height:                        36″ – 40”
Optimum Soil Ph:    5 to 6
Days To Maturity:    75
Sowing Method:       Start Indoors
Type :                           Determinate

Planting/Growing Tips:
Tomatoes can be grown easily in patio containers. Be sure to offer a large enough pot, and place it in a full-sun location. Support plants with stakes or cages to ensure proper fruiting. Be sure to monitor water, as containers dry out more quickly than plants in the ground.

Plant tomatoes in the ground 24 to 36 in. (60 to 90 cm) apart in rows. Each row should be spaced 48 inches apart. It’s very tempting to put them closer at planting time, but if you get them too close you’ll only increase the chance of disease. Use slow-release fertilizer at planting time.

  • Choose a sunny location (6+ hours of sun) and dig a hole about two times as wide as your pot.
  • Remove your plant from the pot by loosening the soil and tipping it out into your hand. Plant tomatoes deep in the soil – up to the top two leaf nodes. The tiny hairs on the stalk have the potential to become additional roots, which will stabilize your plant well in the soil.
  • Refill the space around your plant with soil and press lightly to compact the dirt, keeping your plant firmly in the ground.
  • Water immediately to settle the soil, and add more soil as needed, bringing it level to the rest of your garden.

You’ll need stakes or wire tomato cages to support the plants and keep the fruit off the ground where it might rot.


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