Squash, Cocozelle

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For well over 100 years, gardeners have been enjoying the super-tender, delectable flavor of this Italian heirloom. An open-pollinated summer squash that may be picked young or allowed to mature to full size, this zucchini is everyone’s favorite for rich, satisfying flavor.

Perfect for small-space gardens, this bush-form plant takes off early and begins setting fruit abundantly. Dark green with lighter green stripes, the little zukes look as good as they taste, and you can begin harvesting them at just an inch or so long for baby squash. You never tasted such succulence!

Nutritional Value:
An excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, manganese, and potassium.

Sun:                              Full
Spacing:                      24″ – 36″
Height:                        18″ – 24”
Optimum Soil Ph:    5.6 to 7.5
Days To Maturity:    48
Sowing Method:       Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:
Heirloom summer squash are warm weather crops, as the name implies and the germination temperature verifies.  Only plant once the soil temperature warms to at least 70 degrees.  Mounding up small hills will create the right soil consistancy and allow the soil to warm quicker.  Mix in a shovelful of compost with handfulls of bone meal and wood ash to create the perfect soil environment for these heirloom seeds.

Plant 3-6 squash seeds per hill.  Once they have shown true leaves and grown in size, you should thin out to the 3 strongest plants.  Harvest these summer squash continually in order to keep the plant producing.


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