Radish, Champion

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Radishes probably originated in China. They are certainly revered and highly appreciated in the Orient, particularly in Japan where the long, white daikon radish is a major food.  The ancient Greeks prized radishes above all root crops, even making replicas of them in gold. The root crop was a common food in Egypt long before the pyramids were built, and was popular in ancient Rome as well. The word “radish” is a derivation of the Latin word “radix,” or root. Columbus and the early settlers brought radishes to America. Today, radishes remain a favorite crop for home gardeners because they’re so easy and quick to grow.

Nutritional Value:
Radishes are an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

Sun:                             Full
Spacing:                     1” to 3”
Height:                        4” to 5”
Optimum Soil Ph:    5.8 to 6.8
Days To Maturity:    20-30
Sowing Method:       Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:

Radishes are a cool season crop and are quick to mature.  These heirloom seeds can be planted in spring or fall.  Due to the small size of these seeds and vegetables, most people will use a furrow technique when planting.  Sow in shallow furrow and cover with ¼” of sifted compost or light sand.  Later after the first few true leaves appear, it is best to then thin to final spacing.  Remember larger spacing will result in larger heirloom radishes but will take longer to mature. Be sure to seed every few weeks if you desire a steady crop of heirloom radishes out of your garden.  Nothing can be easier to grow.  Consistent watering will tend to elimnate woody roots and a better tasting radish.



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