Pea, Sugar Snap

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Sugar Snap Peas are part of a family with a long and exotic history. Yet while traces of primitive pea varieties dating back to 5000BC have been found, the Sugar Snap is a relative newcomer, developed in China some thousands of years ago. It is still a popular addition to Chinese cooking today, and is widely available in Australia and many other countries.

Nutritional Value:
1 cup or 10 raw Sugar Snap Peas equals 1 serving, and is an excellent source of vitamin C,  fiber, and Potassium.

Also known as “mange tout”, French for “eat the lot”, snow peas provide all the nutrition of both the pod and the pea. All that and only 90kJ per 50 g serve (20 peas/pods).

Sun:                             Full to partial
Spacing:                     1” to 2”
Height:                       6′ – 7′
Optimum Soil Ph:   6.0 to 7.0
Days To Maturity:    48
Sowing Method:       Directly Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:

Sugar snap peas are broadly speaking a mixture of the snow pea and the English pea. They are considered relatively easy to grow and can be eaten raw straight from the garden. Sugar snap peas enjoy cool weather, which means you can plant them in early spring and late summer. You should sow the seed about an inch deep and take into account circumstances such as space for the harvest and the direction of sunlight. Sugar Snap vines are aggressive climbers, so be sure to provide trellising.  Trellising need not be heavy duty, as vines and mature peas are not very heavy.  If possible, you should try to sow the seed in an area that receives an adequate amount of sunlight during the day.


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