Pea, Green Arrow

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There are a number of theories that outline the origin of green arrow pea, but the prominent one says that the Greeks and Romans started cultivating this plant during 500 to 400 BC.  Its high yielding qualities and nutritious values were not just limited to these countries, spread all over the world and became popular.


Nutritional Value:
Green Arrow peas are rich in fiber, eight vitamins and seven minerals. The peas stay sweet for a long time and offer you with a great taste. They are resistant to fusarium, powdery mildew and other pea diseases. Also, these help in regulating lipid, protein levels and carbohydrate.

Sun:                             Full
Spacing:                     6”
Height:                        48″ – 72″
Optimum Soil Ph:   6.0 to 7.0
Days To Maturity:   65 – 70
Sowing Method:       Directly Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:
To get the best head start, turn over your pea planting beds in the fall, add manure to the soil, and mulch well. As with other legumes, pea roots will fix nitrogen in the soil, making it available for other plants. Peas will appreciate a good sprinkling of wood ashes to the soil before planting. Sow seeds outdoors 4 to 6 weeks before last spring frost, when soil temperatures reach 45 degrees F. Plant 1 inch deep (deeper if soil is dry) and 2 inches apart. Get them in the ground while the soil is still cool but do not have them sit too long in wet soil. It’s a delicate balance of proper timing and weather conditions. For soil that stays wet longer, invest in raised beds. A blanket of snow won’t hurt emerging pea plants, but several days with temperatures in the teens could. Be prepared to plant again. Peas are best grown in temperatures below 70 degrees F.  Be sure to trellis!



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