Melon, Honey Rock

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Honey Rock melon produces incredibly sweet fruits that are up to six inches in diameter with a tough, coarsely netted skin.   The flavorful sweet salmon colored flesh of honey Rock melon will certainly be a fantastic addition to any breakfast in bed (mmm I’m getting ideas!).  Honey rock produces vigorous vines, with an average of five to seven fruits per plant.   Honey Rock melon is fusarium wilt resistant.

1932 Burpee’s Seed Catalog says about Honey Rock Melon…
“Smooth, round fruits of medium size, with a heavy, coarse netting over a slate-colored ground.  Tasty, honey-sweet salmon flesh.  Solid, thick meat of firm texture but free from fiber.  A distinct variety.”

1933 Shumways Seed Catalog says about Honey Rock Melon…
“A distinctive new type, fast gaining in popularity.  The fruits are almost perfectly round, non-ribbed, and covered with a very heavy netting.  The meat is of super quality, very thick, firm textured, deep orange in color and with a unique honey-sweet flavor.  A tough-rinded type excellent for shipping.  Very productive, yielding 5 to 7 fruits to the vine.  Destined to be the leading cantaloupe in all markets.”

Nutritional Value:

Honey Rock Melon is an excellent source of vitamin C. Just 100g has a whole day’s supply.  It is a good source of beta carotene and the deeper the orange colour of its flesh, the higher the level. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body.  It is a good source of potassium so it helps balance too much sodium that comes from salty foods.  100g of rockmelon has 120kJ.

Sun                                     Full Sun
Spacing                              36 – 48”
Height                                12 – 18”
Optimum Soil Ph             6.0-6.8
Days To Maturity             74 – 88

Sowing Method                Directly Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:

Can be direct sown in warmer climates after soil temperatures reach 70, plant 3-4 seeds 1/2” deep in hills 3-4’ apart on rows 5-6’ apart.  Once established, thin to two strongest plants.  For cooler climates we prefer to start in pots in the greenhouse and transplant later when night time temperatures stay above 55 degrees.  Start seedlings 3 weeks before last frost.  Once seedlings are 4” tall and soil temperatures are 70, plant in rich loose soil.

Keep well watered until fruits are tennis ball sized and then water only if absolutely needed.  (We know organic farmers that never water them and grow amazinging melons, but a great deal depends on your soil.)

Remember, you must have a healthy population of pollinators like bees to get a good fruit set.


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