Planting Tips

Choosing & Storing the Best Seeds for Survival Crops

When disaster hits, you won’t have the luxury to live the life you’re used to. Part of such catastrophic events is a food shortage, which can lead to starvation in the absence of survival knowledge. That’s why as early as now, we encourage everyone to learn about survival gardening. Once the grocery is gone and

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6 Benefits of Community Gardens

Community gardens increasingly gained popularity over the years. From the rooftops of New York City to the vibrant spaces of Berlin, community gardens have changed the way city dwellers eat and live. It was born out of necessity. However, the benefits of having this shared space to plant go beyond just a need to grow.

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The Basics of Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom gardening goes beyond preserving family heritage. Plenty of small-time to massive-scale farmers are now part of the movement. The result? More quality fruits and vegetables as well as better opportunities for people to live healthier and longer lives. If you are looking to start your very first heirloom garden, then you’ve come to the

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5 Gardening Tips for the Busy & Lazy

Busy and lazy people may be quite different from one another. However, there is one thing that connects them both: Time. While one is barely scrambling for it, the other consciously wastes it away. Gardening may not exactly be in either a lazy or busy person’s priority list. However, the desire to do it doesn’t

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10 Tools Every Heirloom Gardener Should Use

Heirloom gardening is one of the most treasured practices many families take pride in. There’s an incomparable joy that comes with planting and harvesting old-time varieties. That’s why we continuously urge everyone to make the switch. If you are getting into heirloom gardening, then first off: Congratulations! Now, what you need the right tools to

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The Essential Guide to Survival Gardening

Let’s face it. Hollywood’s given us plenty of reasons to turn into doomsday preppers. We’ve seen enough disaster films to fear for our own lives. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to learn everything there is to know about survival. For one, survival gardening is an essential skill you need to become self-sufficient. When

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7 Commandments of Community Gardening

Community gardens are a blessing for us urban dwellers. It allows us to grow our own as well as engage with our fellow, passionate gardeners. As welcoming as they are, community gardens do have rules. Whether these are unspoken or not, there’s an etiquette in being part of one. From what you grow to what

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5 Common Heirloom Gardening Mistakes You Must Avoid

Heirloom gardening is fulfilling. However, it comes with its challenges. At one point, we were just like you. We had big dreams of starting our garden, growing our crops and cooking with them. This excitement has led us to a few hiccups along the way, which became a great learning experience. If you’re just getting

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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Heirloom Seeds

There’s distinct joy in growing your own. Whether these are fruits or vegetables, tending to something you see developing from a little seed to a full-blown harvest is just incomparable. Most GMO companies today like to make farmers believe that they can earn more with GMO seeds. The good news is non-GMO heirloom seeds are

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5 Natural Ways to Keep Your Heirloom Garden Pest-Free

Pests are part of the natural world. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prevent them from destroying your heirloom garden. After all, that’s your labor of love. You’d want everything you can do to protect your future crops. Plenty of farmers and GMO companies rely on chemical-heavy solutions to keep their farms

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