Lettuce, Prizehead

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Around 1889 in Maule’s Seed catalog.  It may be older, but seems to be carried by most major seed companies after this time. Prizehead produces luscious heads of green lettuce with outer leaves that are loose and curled. The inner leaves are lime green and the outer fringed leaf tips are purple to bronze. Prizehead is perfect for salads and garnishes.

Nutritional Value:
A excellent source of Chlorophyl, Iron, Calcium, and Vitamins: A, B1, B2, C, and Niacin.

Sun: Full Sun
Spacing: 12-18″
Optimum Soil ph:5.6-6.0
Days To Maturity: 45-50 Days
Sowing Method: Direct Sow

Planting/Growing Tips:
The Prizehead is a fast growing lettuce with large loose leaves. The leaves are green with a reddish tint toward the ends. The heads are hefty and have crumpled, curly leaves.

Plant Prizehead lettuce very early in the spring in a sunny location as soon as the ground may be cultivated and enriched with organic material. Press soil firmly over seeds. Sow Prizehead seeds sparingly and repeat every two weeks as long as the weather is cool (Spring/Fall)


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