Lettuce, Butter Crunch

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Butter crunch was developed by George Raleigh of Cornell University. Buttercrunch produces a nice head of mild buttery flavored 6-8″ in height, thick, juicy, slightly crumpled dark green leaves and white-yellow heart.

Nutritional Value:
Butter lettuce provides 15 to 35% of daily Vitamin A needs based on a 2000 calorie diet. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin K, with 56 mcg providing 70% of the daily value. A serving of Butter lettuce offers 2% of the daily value of calcium.

Sun: Full Sun
Optimum Soil ph:6.0-6.7
Days To Maturity:60-65
Sowing Method: Outdoor Sow

Planting/Growing Tips:
One of the classic butterheads, Buttercrunch combines good garden performance with tender-crisp flavor. The leaves are very dark green and thicker than most, with a crisp texture and juicy bite. They are loosely held on big heads that grow more vigorously than many others, ready in just 65 days.
Lettuce thrives in cold weather and can be sown directly into the garden, starting in early spring. For an even earlier harvest, sow indoors; the seedlings don’t mind transplanting. If a fall crop is desired, begin in late summer. Grow in single rows, plants spaced 18 inches apart, or in containers.

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