Cucumber, Ashley

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Ashley is a well known open pollinated cucumber variety that has been grown for years in most vegetable gardens. Produces fruits that are approx 30 cm long and are great for slicing into salads. Introduced in 1956. Does very well in humid areas.

Nutritional Value:
As the flavor of the cucumber enters the water, some of the cucumber’s nutrients also enter the water. The longer the cucumber floats in the water, the more flavor and nutrients enter the water, explains Barbara Mendez, a master’s-level nutritional consultant in New York City. Nutrients provided by the cucumber include but are not limited to vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, calcium, vitamin K and potassium. The amount of these nutrients you get from cucumber water depends on how much cucumber you use in the water and whether you eat the cucumber slice after drinking the water. The more cucumber you use, the more nutrients you receive. Get the most nutrients out of cucumber water by placing an entire sliced cucumber in 2 quarts of water and refrigerating it overnight. Discard any unused water after two days to keep your beverage tasting fresh.

Sun:                                      Full Sun

Spacing:                               18 – 48”

Height:                                  12-24″

Optimum Soil Ph:                  6 -7

Days To Maturity:                 65

Sowing Method:                    Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:
Soak seeds overnight before planting either individually in rows or hills of 3-6 seeds each.  Tighter spacing and higher yields can be achieved through trellising the plants on fences or poles.  Continually harvesting will keep the plant producing new fruits.

  • Heirloom cucumbers do not like acidic soil!
  • Frost tender.  Heirloom cucumbers love warm weather.
  • To get an earlier heirloom cucumber crop start indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost.
  • Heirloom cucumbers are thirsty!  Never let them go dry.  Heirloom cucumbers are over 95 % water.
  • Fertilize heirloom cucumbers with manures BEFORE planting.
  • Cucumber beetles are “supposed” to dislike marigolds or wood ashes sprinkled at the base of  cucumber vines.



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