Cauliflower, Snowball Y

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Snowball Y improved was Introduced by Ferry-Morse Seed Company in 1947  It was developed from “Snowball” cauliflower which can be documented as early as 1884.

Nutritional Value:
Sun:                                      Full Sun

Spacing:                               15 – 18”

Height:                                  24 – 30″

Optimum Soil Ph:                  6.5

Days To Maturity:                 70 – 80

Sowing Method:                    Outdoors

Planting/Growing Tips:

Spring seedlings 4-6 weeks before last frost.  Fall transplants, 2-3 months before first frost.  Plant in ground when 3-4” tall – enrich soil with 1/4 cup of  blood or bone meal to ensure high yields.  Blanching may be required – once a head has begun to form, tie outer leaves together to shade head.  Consistent watering is essential.

Heirloom organic cauliflower is a cool season vegetable that may be considered a challenge to those who haven’t learned its secrets. It is a crop that needs both correct soil and climatic requirements. However, it can be grown successfully if it is planted so that it will mature in the early summer or in the fall.



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