6 Benefits of Community Gardens

Community gardens increasingly gained popularity over the years. From the rooftops of New York City to the vibrant spaces of Berlin, community gardens have changed the way city dwellers eat and live.

It was born out of necessity. However, the benefits of having this shared space to plant go beyond just a need to grow.

Below are the wonderful reasons why you should get with the program and join a community garden near you.


1. It fosters a sense of community

We consider community gardens as a melting pot of people from all walks of life. One minute, you could be conversing about heirloom seeds with a real estate broker and another, getting tips from an avid rock climbing enthusiast.

The beauty of these shared gardening spaces is it fosters a sense of community. People come together with a communal passion in a place where they can be actively engaged.


2. It provides a retreat from the noise

The city can be a loud, ruthless and stressful place to live. It can be overwhelming for us sometimes that it becomes difficult to think and relax.

Another reason why we love community gardens so much is that it provides a retreat from all the urban stress. It’s a quiet place where we are surrounded by plants, breathing a much cleaner air and surrounded by people who also seek solace.


3. It improves the environment

Community gardens are more than just a place for people to plant crops. Considering its size, it can directly impact the environment in a positive way. It improves biodiversity, boosts air and soil quality, reduces neighborhood waste through compost and fertilizer, and so much more.

Community gardening promotes sustainable agriculture. It paves the way for all of us to be more aware of what we contribute to Mother Nature, and which negative practices we must stop.


4. It encourages physical activity

A lot of gardeners may not be as active in the gym as others. However, they are getting as much needed exercise as the next fitness enthusiast. Another wonderful reason to get involved in community gardens is that it encourages you to be healthy and physically active.

From tending to your crops, weeding out the dead leaves and picking your harvest, it ensures that you are moving your bodies. Moreover, the nutritious fruits and vegetables you yield also encourage you to make better diet choices.


5. It provides opportunities to immigrants

Perhaps one of our favorite reasons why we joined a community garden is the cultural opportunity it provides to immigrants. They have the chance to plant crops that are not grown locally. Moreover, they have the opportunity to share their unique knowledge about unfamiliar seeds and crops.

This is an excellent way to embrace diversity and welcome cultural exchanges. Plus, it can even provide job opportunities.


6. It increases property prices

A recent study by authors Vicki Been and Ioan Voicu of the New York University found that neighborhoods with community gardens impact property prices. Those spaces have seen a positive spike in prices, particularly those in lower-income neighborhoods.

So if you are looking to invest in residential or commercial space, it’s best to find one that’s near a community garden.

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