Monthly Archives: May 2017

6 Benefits of Community Gardens

Community gardens increasingly gained popularity over the years. From the rooftops of New York City to the vibrant spaces of Berlin, community gardens have changed the way city dwellers eat and live. It was born out of necessity. However, the benefits of having this shared space to plant go beyond just a need to grow.

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The Basics of Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom gardening goes beyond preserving family heritage. Plenty of small-time to massive-scale farmers are now part of the movement. The result? More quality fruits and vegetables as well as better opportunities for people to live healthier and longer lives. If you are looking to start your very first heirloom garden, then you’ve come to the

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5 Gardening Tips for the Busy & Lazy

Busy and lazy people may be quite different from one another. However, there is one thing that connects them both: Time. While one is barely scrambling for it, the other consciously wastes it away. Gardening may not exactly be in either a lazy or busy person’s priority list. However, the desire to do it doesn’t

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