10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Heirloom Seeds

There’s distinct joy in growing your own. Whether these are fruits or vegetables, tending to something you see developing from a little seed to a full-blown harvest is just incomparable.

Most GMO companies today like to make farmers believe that they can earn more with GMO seeds. The good news is non-GMO heirloom seeds are taking a swift takeover — and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be part of the movement.

Below are ten reasons why you should invest in heirloom seeds.

1. Heirloom fruits are self-sufficient.

GMO companies have since devised a way for farmers to rely on their seeds and chemicals to continuously churn out the harvest. However, this is doing more harm than good.

Heirloom fruits, on the other hand, are 100% self-sufficient. Seeds from these harvests can be re-planted again and again each season without the need to go back and forth the seed mill. It’s a little thing called open-pollination.

2. Heirloom seeds produce tastier harvest

Just about every seasoned farmer will tell you that there is a massive difference between the taste of heirloom produce compared to GMO ones. Sure, these fruits you find in a market are perfectly shaped. However, they’re almost always tasteless.

Heirloom produce is a lot richer in flavor. They may not always come in perfect form, but we guarantee that they will always taste better than the chemically-fortified ones.

3. Organically grown heirloom produce is healthier

Much of the world hurts our health in so many ways. The best we can do is to feed ourselves and our families only the healthiest foods Nature provides. That’s why you should invest in heirloom seeds. They produce fruits healthier than GMO products.

For one, a dangerous chemical called Roundup are in these mass-produced harvests. This chemical is the leading cause of congenital disabilities and cancer. When you choose heirloom seeds, you are choosing a better life for yourself and for your family.

4. Heirloom seeds create a legacy

Just as wooden mantel clocks are passed on from one generation to the next, heirloom seeds produce a legacy that the next generations can inherit.

Using this heirloom seeds brings stories, connects the younger generation to the older and thereby strengthening family ties in such a fruitful way.

5. Heirloom seeds are rich in history

It’s not just about building a family legacy that makes heirloom seeds spectacular. It’s also about paying respect and homage to the seed’s history. In fact, many heirloom seeds grew before the Second World War.

These seeds aren’t just meant to bear harvest. They are withstanding testament of what has been and what it can do for countless years to come.

6. They are far less expensive in the long run

We do not deny that heirloom seeds can be more expensive than GMO products up front. There’s an average of a dollar difference when you opt for these seeds instead.

However, we want to highlight that once you buy these seeds, you will never have to buy them again. This way, you are saving a lot more, and such investment is a lot more worth it in the long run.

7. These seeds adapt overtime

Heirloom seeds have a tendency to be picky at first. Many of them are region-specific, but just as other good things in life, farming takes a lot of delayed gratification.

Fortunately, pairing your heirloom seeds with a little patience allows them to adapt gradually. They will soon grow and become more disease-resistant overtime.

8. These seeds help improve the lives of farmers

Massive GMO companies are the ones getting richer because they provide an easy albeit dangerous way of growing and consuming food. Meanwhile, small-time farmers find it increasingly difficult to sustain their lives growing it like they used to.

When you support those who are growing heirloom seeds, you are also helping these people find better opportunities and live better lives.

9. Heirloom offers a wide variety

Many consumers have been trained to see white radishes and red tomatoes. They irk at the sight of yellow tomatoes or blue radishes. However, this is exactly what makes heirloom produce special. They bear such a wide variety of fruit that is more superior in taste and nutritional value.

Imagine the versatility of meals you can prepare day after day.

10. They are environmental-friendly

There are a lot of ways we are already damaging Mother Earth. That’s why we must do our part to help save it. Otherwise, the future generations won’t have a shot at a flourishing life.

Heirloom seeds are 100% natural and environmental-friendly. You won’t need a plastic bag and to emit gas from your car on your way to the market. Plus, no chemicals are required to grow these seeds.

We must strive to make heirloom seeds the future of farming. Otherwise, we may be looking at dangerous consequences sooner than we think.

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